Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Following the Freezing Fog

from the soft pink reflections of dawn to the first light of sunrise striking the mountains

and the graceful birch tree branches

from the tops of the hard rime frosted mountains to the soft rime covered teasel in the old barnyard

from the tree tops in the brilliant blue sky to every tall blade of grass and small seed head

We were blessed with a Sunday that was a spectacular, sun-filled, sparkling winter wonderland.
It was just what we needed to renew our spirits.
(click on pictures to enlarge)


  1. So beautiful ~ I can only imagine what it looked like in real life...must have been a fairy wonderland! All the photos are gorgeous but the first one is spectacular. Great post!

  2. Fantastic winter pics! What a beautiful day!

  3. "It was just what we needed to renew our spirits." - That's it: to renew the spirits sometimes to go fresh into the next work!

  4. I always get the feeling you live at the top of the world. and me at the bottom : (