Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Colours Week - Day 4 - Rainbow

rainbow hand dyed yarn

a rainbow
and... of course... another rainbow

Day 4 of Summer Colours Week at Poppytalk, and today is Rainbow.  We were going to try to do something fancy for today, but got really involved in a natural-dyeing project (more on that later, probably next week).  There are plenty of lovely contributions in the Flickr pool.


  1. We love anything tie dyed. My girls would have fun with that. Will it be in your store?

  2. Love that colorful yarn! Love the whole "colors of" story this week!

  3. Thanks, everyone for all the compliments!
    Michaele - some of these have already sold but any of the yarns in the 'hand-dyed' category in the store would be similar. Thanks for asking!

  4. Wonderful!Colors of the nature and colors of hand-made wool--what an exquisite summer- impression!