Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pink and Asher's Excellent Adventure

Pink and Asher are two very curious pups.  Under the corral gate and off to explore they go.  Just a few yards into the pasture and they can watch the big girls in Liam's paddock.  They really love to watch them and are on their best behavior... no barking, just a lot of 'guarding'.  Then when we call "Come, puppies, come", they squeeze back under the corral gate and come running. It is so wonderful to observe their natural inclinations to be good livestock guardian dogs.


  1. Way to cute, take lots of pictures the don't stay little long. Wish I had taken lots more pictures of Bella while she was still little.

  2. They are adorable pups! So cute, glad you got the shot going under the fence.

  3. So sweet furbabies, love the puppy innocence! Are they at their forever home?

    1. Pink went to live with her forever farm family but Asher will be staying here to help his mama and papa guard the sheep