Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Puppy Update

The puppies were four weeks old yesterday. They have begun to eat a little solid food and are becoming very active.They all display good livestock guardian instincts, such as barking when someone comes in the barn door.
Both parents are working livestock guardians and provide protection to our flock.
Belladonna is a registered Pastore Maremmano Abruzzese 
Samson is a purebred Komondor 
The puppies were wormed at three weeks. We do not have an available date yet as we are taking things slowly, watching closely to provide for the family's growing needs.
There are two females and four males. Some of the puppies will be available to farm approved homes at $350


  1. I am so in love! Can they be shipped?

  2. I wish I had sheep, and better weather, so I could adopt one into my family. They really are so cute.

  3. Oh my, they are cute! I cannot believe they are four weeks old already!

  4. they are beautiful...I wish I could have one! :)

  5. so darn cute. i'm sure they've grown a lot in the last few weeks, too!

    happy thanksgiving to you!