Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Lambing is moving along at a nice pace.  The barn and pasture are busy and full of new life.  It's always so interesting to observe the different way each ewe experiences labor and birth. There is Jill who attacks the whole process with much the same energy that she attacks daily life.  She will have given birth within a couple hours of showing any outward signs of labor. Then there is Julie who has a much more zen-like approach to birth, slowly stretching and pushing a little off and on for eight to ten hours.  Every birth different... each new life, a new little personality.
Please check out our Lambs of 2014 album on Flickr for more lamb photos.


  1. This must be a very special time of the year, watching the birth of so many babies.

  2. Amazing. Just amazing. Such an exciting time of year!

  3. We have a few ewes who are holding out...but we are almost done with lambing.
    Great photos!

  4. I thought of you last night when I was watching an old Robert Mitchum movie,
    Love seeing the little babies.
    I hope you try the honeysuckle recipe when yours come in, it really is amazing.

  5. so adorable!

    thanks for coming by today! i know you've got your hands full! :)

  6. Such most beautiful children and good mother! Congratulation! Praize the Lord!