Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ram Tough

As we mentioned earlier this week, all the breeding groups are broken up and the bred ewes are back in the barn pasture along with Liam and Fury, two of the rams.
Poseidon and Aragorn, the other two rams are now in the back pasture, where after a bit of a 'discussion' they have pretty much settled in.  Their job is done, and they will spend the next months putting weight back on that they lost during breeding season.  They are content, except for the time they spend walking the fence line looking for 'lost love'.


  1. Oh i can't wait for that lambing season!

  2. A 'bit of discussion'? Now that sounds interesting. I have to second Jeanne, I can't wait for the babies to arrive.

  3. We, too, are getting anxious for the little ones to arrive. We may have some early ones, as these two troublemakers got in with the lambs several times.