Saturday, January 18, 2014


Hosanna, another of the lovely 'twelves', is coming around the end of the feeder to see if another bale of hay is on its way.  She isn't disappointed, as it is feeding time.  After a couple of mild days, temperatures are back in the single digits this morning. and there's a couple inches of new snow. We're hoping to get the breeding groups all back to the barn today.  Hope it warms up a little :)

Joining Madge at The View From Right Here for Weekly Top Shot


  1. Love that expression on Hosanna's face. How beautiful, and I also love her name...

  2. Cute photo. I like the one sheep's expression!

  3. Just for to love! Hosanna is a beautiful name for a sheep!

    Thanks goodness, the coldness in your country is over now!

  4. Looks like their coats keep them warm!