Thursday, January 2, 2014

Anatomy of a Cowl

Farm Grown - this cowl began its life on the backs of our beautiful Coopworth ewe, Havva, and our big guy Moe.   Havva and Moe were sheared and their wool was gently hand-washed. Havva's wool was then hand-dyed, but Moe's was left in its natural shades of brown. Their wool was then hand-picked, carded, hand-spun and plied. It is hand-knit on large needles to produce a lovely, light but very warm chunky cowl. 
From sheep to cowl... from our field to your home...


  1. This is so beautiful! so are you selling this?? I recently visited a sheep farm in Door county Wisconsin who has a large barn with a gift shop inside of it where they seel their wool products from their sheep. I bought several things there as i just love products like this. Also visited a similar llama farm a couple of years ago. do you do an etsy shop, or are you just selling this lovely cowl. ?? Beautiful, and i am interested. Love the stories behind hand made things like this.

    1. Yes, Jeanne, we do have an etsy shop here and the link to the Thistle and Shamrock Cowl is
      Thank you so much for your kind words!

  2. So beautiful, every wonderful step of the way!

  3. Thanks everyone! A long process but really happy with the results.