Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Muse

The deer come
to your grave each night
and if we have left flowers
they taste them.

This dying as buds
swell on the tall camellia,
songbirds returning
to wet shrubs in the field.

I brought you a Psalm
a song, a poem. We sing
our voices following you
for all of our lives.

~ This Dying for SHB by Dennis Bleything

The old fence is long gone, but the arch over the front steps still stands as a proud sentinel, pointing to the heavens, watching over our loved ones, still welcoming those who come to pay their respects, comforting those who perhaps linger a little longer, weeping.

Weekly Top Shot 


  1. I've been to so many cemeteries like this... I love walking old cemeteries, reading the head stones, thinking about the people and their lives... love that wrought iron... Thanks for sharing on 'Weekly Top Shot #78!'

  2. I saw a "new" to me old cemetary the other day, that I intend to go back and walk through. I love them, too.

  3. Cemeteries are lovely and peaceful places, for the most part. Lovely post.