Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lambs in the Field

It was a busy weekend full of fence building, jug mucking, pasture walking and a whole lot of watching spring unfold before our very eyes.  We built a new paddock and moved the first four lambs and their mamas in, along with Liam.  He is kind of overwhelmed by the small, noisy creatures, but has been very patient. 

Only one new lamb so far today.  Little Miss 1307 was born about 4 a.m. out of Maibh and Aragorn and weighed 13 lbs 8 ozs.  She is a beauty.
To say the least, there is a whole lot of excitement going on!


  1. 13+ pounds, that's a big lamb, I need to get a scale to weigh some of mine, the Shetlands are so small compared to the Dorpers, but I need to get an idea what is averages for each breed.

    1. We use a small hand-held scale and a sling. It works really well. We'll weigh them again if we're questioning their rate of gain before they leave the lambing jug.

  2. oh, they're lovely! and loving the green grass!

  3. Love seeing the new lamb pictures!