Monday, January 21, 2013

three :: mosey + plod

Come walk in the knoll pasture.  We might as well check the fenceline as we walk the perimeter.  This is a really hilly pasture, so I hope you're wearing comfortable boots.

Bella has spotted us and comes running.  She is very excited to join us.

More excitement, as Bella has spotted a long, lost old bone

Looking up from the bottom of the hill, we can see that there's plenty of shelter in this pasture - a small box shelter and plenty of trees that are the most popular spot in the pasture.

Walking a little farther, we discover a ground hog hole... actually we find four of them.  We'll have to get them filled in before late spring.  They're a danger to the sheep, and a real danger to the tractor drivers when we brush hog the pasture.

Now we have reached one of my favorite spots on the farm.  When you stand down here, it's as if you are in the bottom of a bowl.  The steep sides of the pasture curve around.  You feel sheltered and protected.  It's magical.

Our daydreaming is quickly interrupted because here come the girls over in the adjoining pasture.  They're looking for breakfast.
Bella says we better head up the hill and get to the barn before the girls stage a break-out.  We pick up the pace and move on toward the top of the hill and morning chores.


  1. Lovely walk! Do you do anything to rid yourselves of the groundhogs? Dave always used smoke bombs before he filled the holes. I'll continue to use smoke bombs...and a rifle.

  2. Oh dear! I am so use to the flat Lowcountry and only being 3 feet above sea level that I think your property would tire me out very quickly!

  3. what a magical place! i loved taking this walk with you.

  4. Thanks so much for showing us around. I love your sturdy fences and your herd protector. Good luck with those holes - I know all about them.

  5. bella makes a great stroll leader and adviser. :)