Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Liam's Ladies

Today brings us to the back pasture and Liam's lovely group of ladies.  Our gentle giant wethers, Moe and Larry, are hanging out back here also.  This group of ladies was kind enough to pose for individual shots.

613  Hebe   Coopworth-Border Leicester-Wensleydale

922  Funella   Coopworth-Border Leicester-Blue-faced Leicester

722  Jill   Romney-Coopworth-Wensleydale

711  Daisy   Lincoln-Coopworth-Wensleydale

1108  Kiera   Border Leicester-Coopworth-Wensleydale


  1. Beautiful ladies they are too.
    And here we go again, me sitting here
    envious of your snow.

  2. good thing they're 'wooly' as it sure looks cold!

  3. Lovely snow, not too much, beautiful sheep in the white area! The wool is wonderful!!

  4. I've always loved the name Liam and his ladies look happy.