Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shearing Day

National Hug A Sheep Day was celebrated in grand style here at the farm.  Yesterday was shearing day and there was a whole lot of sheep hugging going on.  Forty-nine bags of beautiful lambs wool now just waiting for she who seeks wool and works willingly with her hands (to paraphrase Proverbs). 

As usual our shearers, Joe and Melvin, did an amazing job.  We are so grateful for their help and friendship... as we are, also, to our catchers, throwers, baggers and sweepers!

A cold, thick fog moved in last evening and hasn't moved an inch. As you can see it really hasn't fazed those naked lambs a bit. They were lying right out in it, chewing their cud as if it was a sunny, sixty-degree day.
Like everyone else in the Mid-Atlantic, we are preparing for the big storm headed our way.  Snow predictions range from 4 - 24 inches, wind gust predictions up to 60 mph - we're battening down the hatches hoping for the best.


  1. Beautiful pictures of this experience.

  2. Do you shear twice a year? Several of my Shetlands could use a shearing right now. I did shear Angoras twice last year, but skipped this fall. Hope the storm is not as bad as they are predicting. Take care, stay safe.

    1. We shear our lambs in the fall so that we have a really nice clean crop of lambs' wool. We shear the whole flock in the spring before lambing.

  3. I hope you stay safe and it's not as bad as they say it's going to be. We were suppose to get wind and rain and didn't get a drop.
    Love the first photo, it looks like she has a bow!

  4. My daughter is in the path of the storm, as well--in Virginia. Wishing you and everyone safety and no downed power lines!