Monday, August 20, 2012

Saturday in the Pasture

A foggy, early morning greeting at the barn was followed by a most enthusiastic group of lambs coming into the barn for FAMACHA scoring.  We have been lucky that this year's lambs come right in, all the way into the barn without requiring one of the shepherdess/s becoming a border collie.

Once we finished the scoring, we thought we better separate the yearling ewes from Liam before they begin cycling, and we were surprised next spring by very early lambs. 

That went very smoothly, except for Larry and Moe who were left behind with Liam.  They spent much of the day walking the fence line; trying to figure out why they weren't allowed to join the others.  They finally gave up and settled under a shade tree.

The yearling ewes moved through the pasture in a huddled group for awhile, but in no time at all were grazing right along side the breeding ewes, happy in their new paddock.


  1. such sweet scenes. i just love when you show them running in. :)

  2. What wonderful pictures! They make me feel good!

  3. love the photo of the sheep coming toward you; I love it when they come and don't have to be chased -smile-.

  4. You do know you are living my dream life right?

  5. I love the way your photos help tell your story....