Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Mayhem ~ a collective noun, at least around here.  It seems to be a name given to the yearlings each spring.  Here you see them - calm, relaxed, enjoying the post-shearing sunshine.  But this is not the paddock they are supposed to be in.  This picture is post-mayhem. 
In the hours preceding this, the yearlings, their watering trough, and mineral feeders have been moved, Moe, Larry and Jack (the three very large wethers) have been re-caught and moved, fences have torn down and re-built - twice.  This at the end of a long shearing day... we gave up.  They are in the barn paddock with the expectant mamas, and there they will stay until we get our plan in place to out-smart them.  The worst of it is -- they brought the wethers back with them... sigh.

Right here, that girl looking us right in the eye is Grace... the ring-leader.  Just look at that innocent face.


  1. They are devilish little critters, aren't they? And I wonder if they really are as dumb as people always say they are...they seem pretty smart to me! Have a great day!

  2. I surprised your trees haven't leafed out more than that. We have quite a bit of green showing here in Minnesota. Have you had cold weather?

    1. We've had days of summer-like weather followed by typical spring weather. It seems we're still about three weeks ahead of a typical spring.

  3. That innocent face just couldn't cause any trouble! ;)