Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sunday's Clouds

It has been raining or drizzling almost steadily for the past two days, and there is a winter storm warning of 4 -6 inches of snow for the next 36 hours.  Let's ignore all of that... here are Sunday's Clouds.  The morning dawned sunny and quite beautiful.  It seemed that every direction you looked there were lovely cloud formations - each quite different  each quite lovely.  These are not the big white, puffy clouds of  a summer day.  These clouds are dense but fraying at the edges, wispy, scattered, small white kernels of cloud - the clouds of deep fall.

Late afternoon and evening were not to be outdone by the glorious morning.  The clouds throughout the entire day were just spectacular... a gentle reminder that we spend far too little time looking up.


  1. beautiful photos, pays to look up, love sunrise, sunset photos. Also in summer I like to sit outside and watch the moon rise up over the Sierras, it's amazing to see the glow and then it pops up so fast and looks so big when it first rises.

  2. I see a flying swan in the clods, a swan made of the stuff of clouds.

    Hope the storm will not become too bad!!

  3. A good reminder to keep looking up :) These cloud formations are so lovely, and soooo unusual. Aren't cameras the best invention!

  4. Beautiful clouds, beautiful place, such peace here.