Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rotating Pastures

Summer is a constant cycle of rotating pastures... trying to minimize parasites and get the most out of each paddock.  The ewes and lambs were moved to the barn pasture a few weeks ago so this weekend we moved the yearlings and wethers to the knoll paddock after it had been brush hogged with the Squealer (love that name).  Then we brush hogged the paddock that the yearlings vacated, encouraging new growth and disrupting the life-cycle of any paraistes they left behind.  In a month of so it will be ready for new tenants.

We also set up temporary fencing in a section of the barnyard that we neglected avoided mowing for a few weeks, and loosed the bio-mowing ewes and lambs.  This, in an attempt, to stretch the barn pasture for a couple more weeks when we will wean the lambs.  We are trying to prevent the added stress of moving them twice... in two weeks... in this heat .

Speaking of heat... this weekend's hazy, hot and very humid weather had us all seeking the shade whenever we could.


  1. You have some really beautiful pastures. We are limited with rotation hence we have to deworm more than I would like. What does a squealer do? Im not familiar with that.

  2. Love the photo of the sheep seeking shade under the tree. Beautiful pastures, as Kelly says...

  3. You have some lovely pastures. I wish we had more land to move out goats on, it would really help with the worm problems we constantly battle.

  4. Parasites! Such a bother. Sounds like you are on to them though. Lots of work, but looking good!

  5. Kelly - Squealer is the model name of our 'Bush Hog'.
    Thanks everyone for the compliments on the pastures. We are indeed blessed.