Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lambs Wool

Cassidy's girl

Lucy's girls

The lambs are growing beautifully *knocks on wood* although looking a little bedraggled from all the storms we have had.  Weaning is on the schedule for early Monday morning.  It is always a big day for everyone.  The lambs always seem to develop more of their own personalities after moving in to their own pasture. 
As you can see in the picture below, their wool is also becoming quite lovely.  We are really looking forward to a wonderful wool crop come fall.

beautiful locks - click - to make bigger


  1. They do look very wooly. Do you shave them once a year or in the fall and spring?

  2. We shear the lambs for the first time in the fall, then shear all the sheep every spring.

  3. ah. thanks for asking and answering that question. i wondered too. :)

  4. Somehow I just know Monday is going to be a very noisy day for you. Beautiful sheep!