Thursday, July 8, 2010

One Thousand Two Hundred Sixy-Eight

First cutting of hay is almost done. Just a small field behind the old barn left to do. Our hay bale count is up to 1,268. All that June rain (over 9 inches) produced substantially more hay than last year. We also set-up some temporary fencing last summer and pastured the sheep through some of the hayfields. Looks like that will be a good practice to continue.
Many, many thanks to all the field hands, the barn crew and Mom and the girls that fed us at the end of each day!!


  1. Beautiful.
    My husband spent his first 5 years on a farm and has shown me the beauty in a recently hayed field.
    Nice work!

  2. Thank you so much... I have to admit that sometimes while unloading a wagon in the barn, I stop to admire the beauty of a hay bale with perfectly aligned pink clover blooms... kind of hard to explain to the rest of the family.