Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lamb Crop 2009

We have a beautiful crop of lambs this fall! As you can see from the pictures taken last week before shearing, they have produced long, lovely fleeces; perfect for handspinners. Skirting to begin soon...

Since shearing, it seems that literally a huge weight has been lifted from them. That combined with the cooler temperatures has given them a renewed sense of fun. They are having a grand time running through the fields, jumping and kicking up their heels. (Yes, they really do kick up their heels.) It is so pleasant watching them behave like little lambs, once again.


  1. Some of those look like North Country Cheviot's; are they?

  2. No, we have reg. Border Leicester and Coopworth, Romney, Lincoln Longwool, and Wensleydale crosses (even a little BFL in a few of them).