Saturday, April 18, 2009

Busy Day



It was a very eventful day here at Sheeps and Peeps. In fact it was so busy that we didn’t get a chance to take many pictures.

One ewe delivered last evening and four today adding six more lambs to the flock – 3 ewes, 3 rams.

One of the very few pics that was taken  is shown above: Blackberry, our Cotswald X Border Leicester ewe with her twins. We always eagerly await for her lambs and are never disappointed. She has given us lambs with beautiful wool when bred with Hercules, our Wensleydale  X Coopworth ram. 



In fact, we still have her first ram lamb and we use him to produce more lambs with beautiful fleeces:



Poseidon’s fleece


Poseidon and Blackberry have given us two ewe lambs:



And Siar


So of course we were very excited when she had two more black lambs this year that we will be watching closely as they grow. One is a ram who should be an excellent stud for someone’s spinner flock, the other a ewe that we will undoubtedly keep in our flock for her fleece and future lambs.

More pictures to follow of the rest of the lambs born today and of the triplets who graduated into a bigger pen.

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